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The Glen Ellyn Park District Preschool Education Program is sure to keep active children busy! The program provides a variety of experiences and media to facilitate learning concepts of vocabulary, numbers, shape, form and other cognitive abilities through a play-based atmosphere where children explore and develop.

Play serves many developmental purposes. As an activity of intense concentration and involvement, play is a time for problem-solving, sorting out and organizing new ideas, developing an understanding of others and one’s own ability to relate to them, and investigating and experimenting with new possibilities.

The daily schedule is a mixture of teacher-directed, child-directed, small and large group activities based around a weekly theme. Children are involved with block building, art materials, music, books, dramatic playing, cooking and more. Children also have monthly visits from the Glen Ellyn Public Library, B#Sharp Music for Children and the GEPD Naturalist. The five education levels offered by the Glen Ellyn Park District incorporate science, language and motor development in a recreational setting.



Not Quite 2+ Preschool
This program is for children turning two-years old in April, May, and June.

2+ Preschool
This program is geared toward having a successful first school-away-from-parent experience while preparing for the three-year-old program. Emphasis is placed on socialization skills as well as building self confidence and self-esteem. In case of accidents, parents will be notified.

3-Year-Old Preschool
This program is designed for children who are two years away from entering kindergarten. Children must be potty trained.

4-Year-Old Preschool
This program is for children who are one year away from entering kindergarten. Children must be potty trained.

4+ Preschool
This program is planned for the older and more mature child. This class is available for children who have not turned five by September 1, 2013 but will turn five during the months of September, October, November and December of 2013, January 2014.

Kindergarten Enrichment
Must be born by September 1, 2008
This program is designed to enrich and enhance the regular district kindergarten program in the areas of motor skills, language arts, music and creative arts. The goal is to allow each child to mature academically and socially in a creative, encouraging and challenging learning environment. Children must turn five by September 1, 2013 in order to register for this class. We will provide a space for kids to eat lunch after or prior to KE. Please send a sack lunch if you plan to have your child eat lunch.


Registration is for the complete school year (September 2014-May 2015) and must be done in person, at either Main Street Recreation Center or Spring Avenue Recreation Center. Parents/Guardians must submit a copy of their child's birth certificate at the time of registration.




Questions or Concerns?
Jeannie Robinson
(630) 942-7267








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