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Over the past several years, the Park District has been experiencing challenges with the lightning prediction system previously in place at some of our facilities and large parks. 

As a result of these ongoing issues, it is the Park District’s opinion and recommendation that due to the inconsistent warnings, the use of the lightning prediction system at Ackerman Park, Village Green, Newton Park, Main Street and Lake Ellyn be discontinued. At these locations along with our other outdoor properties, please refer to our Athletic Field and Park inclement weather procedure.  The lightning prediction system will remain in place at Sunset Pool and Maryknoll Park during the summer season where it has provided credible warnings.

The Glen Ellyn Park District takes inclement weather extremely serious and is working in partnership with our various user groups, rentals and affiliates to implement other means to monitor and react to storms and lightning occurrences. We will also continue to research other systems that might be more effective and accurate. Please refer to our lightning and thunder procedures. Remember no sporting event, picnic or outdoor activity is worth putting yourself, your family or your friends at risk.




In the event of lightning or thunder, all games and practices along with other park activities must be immediately suspended if:

  • ANY thunder is heard regardless of how far away it is believed to be, and or
  • ANY lightning is seen regardless of how far away it is believed to be

If a game or practice is delayed due to thunder of a visual spotting of lightning at a field, 30 minutes without another spotting must pass before play resumes. Each time an occurrence of lightning and/or thunder, you must wait 30 minutes additionally from that time.

It is recommended that park patrons and staff seek and remain in lightning-protected buildings in the event of threatening weather.  If such shelter is unavailable, patrons are encouraged to get into their cars, avoid areas that are higher than surrounding landscape, and stay away from trees, playgrounds, spectator bleachers and metal objects such as bicycles and umbrellas.  Do not seek shelter in the dugouts and getting off a playing field or playground but remaining on the sidelines is not considered moving to a safe and protected area.


In the event of severe weather in the area, these two facilities contain a sensor system called Thor Guard that measures electrostatic charges at ground level and in the atmosphere. It is intended to help you assess weather conditions.  Neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe.  The strobe light signal is located on the roof of the entrance building at Sunset Pool and on a pole near the garbage corral behind the Holes & Knolls miniature golf course. 

When conditions indicate that a lightning occurrence is probable, a signal is sent to the alarm horn/flashing strobe light located on the roof of the facility.  Once the alarm has sounded, you have approximately 8 to 12 minutes to seek shelter.  There will be one long signal blast which indicates to seek shelter fast.  There will be three short signal sounds which indicate it is safe to be around.  The strobe light will turn off when the facility and area is safe. 

Holes and Knolls, the Splash Park and Sunset Pool are staffed facilities and they are responsible for enforcing the severe weather procedures in accordance to the lightning prediction system. Facility supervisors based on their judgment and observation may enact the severe weather procedures even if the lightning prediction system has not been activated. However, if the lightning prediction system is activated they do not have the ability or authority to disregard.


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